Cottonwood Creek Elementary School

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Second Grade

Welcome to 2nd Grade at Cottonwood Creek Elementary
Welcome back!!  The first day of 2nd grade begins August 22nd!!  
Important times to know: Conference time will be form 1:10-1:55 M- T and Th- Friday
Please be sure you know the expectations of your child's teacher, since each one may require different things.  Check your child's teacher's webpage for specific requirements and expectations on homework.
Well we have been back to school for 2 weeks now and learning is in full swing! 
What's going on this week:
Math: We will review place value up to the 10's, compare, and order numbers. 
Spelling: We will learn about long a sound, CVC words, and where to divide words.
Reading: We will introduce the new unit of Kindness and ask for contributions or examples of kindness to add to our concept wall.
Writing: We will continue to draft our first narrative and take them through the writing process.
Science:We will identify tools that will help keep us safe during classroom and outdoor investigations.
Social Studies: we will continue with our first PBL project this year and write persuasive letters and create surveys.
Week 5
We will continue to work on place value up to the thousands place. They will be comparing and ordering numbers.
Reading we will be reading The Elves and the Shoemaker in class and be working on strategies. We will be focusing on sequencing, comprehension and summarizing. 
Science- We will be classifying matter by observing if it is a solid, liquid or gas. 
Social Studies- We will explore our rights as citizens and rules and laws.