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Next Week

5/31 Awards 9:15 am
6/1 End of Year Party 11:15 
      Pizza Party - Please send in a $3.00 donation to go towards pizza and extras.

Lunch Change

We will pick up lunches from the cafeteria directly following the dance
12:20-12:50 and eat in our classrooms today.

Revised Schedule for Friday, May 27, 2016

Revised Schedule for Friday, May 27, 2016:

9:30-11:30 am                   Field Day for grades 3-5  (Teachers are not required Dance times in cafeteria on Friday, May 27 with music provided by Innovative DJ Entertainment

9:15-10:00 am                    Pre-K and Kindergarten

10:00-10:45 am 2nd grade

10:45-11:30 am                  1st grade

11:30 am-12:15 pm          3rd grade

12:15-1:00 pm                    4th grade

1:00-1:45 pm                      5th grade

 On Friday, May 27, we will serve sack lunches for all grades, and we cannot eat in the cafeteria, due to the dance. 

End of Year Events

Wednesday 5/25/2016 3rd grade Mini Olympics 8-11:00 & 1-2 (if we need additional time to complete events)
Friday 5/27/2016 Field Day 12:30-2:30
Tuesday 5/31/2016 Awards Ceremony 9:15

Wednesday 6/1/2016 Early Release 12:15/ Class Party Day

Math and Science

Students are learning about measurement. They are measuring area and perimeter. They are measuring amount of time that passes between two time intervals. Students will also learn which units to use to measure capacity and weight.
Students are learning about inherited traits and learned behaviors. Students will also be learning about organisms life cycles and how they compare to one another.

Important Dates

Our class Valentine's Parties will be from 1:45-2:45. Don't forget to bring in your Valentine's cards, decorated boxes or bags, and goodies. 
February 15th - Presidents' Day (Students do not have school)
Teachers will be holding parent/teacher conferences only if your child's teacher sees an academic need or at parent request.

Math and Science

Students will be finishing up our fraction unit this week and we will move into perimeter and area next week.
Students will be finishing their planet research this week and next. 
We will then begin learning about inherited traits and learned behaviors of organisms.

Math and Science

We are into our fraction unit. Students will be learning how to find the sum of fractions with like denominators, compare and order fractions, and find equivalent fractions.
Students will be learning about our solar system. Students will learn about the relationship between the earth and the sun and the order of the planets. We will be creating models of our solar system and discussing limitations of each model.

Math and Science

This week and the beginning of next week students will be learning about financial literacy. Students will learn why some jobs pay more than others. They will figure out how much money a job can earn based on various hours and compare that amount with other jobs with various wages. Students will also learn about credit, interest, saving, spending, and how supply and demand affect the cost of an item.
Students will be studying weather this week and into next. They will learn how weather can change from day to day, tools meteorologists use, symbols on weather maps, types of severe weather and how to protect yourself, and how seasons come about with the rotation of the earth and the tilt of the earth's axis.