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Welcome to the Hip-Poe 5th Grade Science Page!

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In class, we are learning...

about some of the characteristics of plants and animals and about inherited traits and the transfer of traits from parents to offspring. The terms instinct, inherited trait, and characteristics will be explored in detail. Students will also view several examples of inherited traits of plants and animals.

We will also explore the differences between inherited behaviors (instincts) and learned behaviors. Students will start understanding why it is important for organisms to inherit traits and learn different behaviors in order to survive in their environment.


Key understandings and Discussion points


Structures and functions specific to a species help them live and survive within their environments.

What structures and functions help an organism survive in its environment?

In what ways do hooves help a prairie animal survive?

In what ways does the beak of a bird help an organism survive?


Survival of organisms depends on their inherited traits and learned behaviors.

What are inherited traits?


Survival of organisms depends on their inherited traits and learned behaviors.

What is a learned behavior?

What is the difference between an instinct and a learned behavior?

Why are learned behaviors important?

How does an organism’s environment affect its behavior?








inherited traits


learned behaviors





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